Piece of Advice?

Posted on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 12:45am by Commander Jason Cross

Mission: All Else Fails
Location: Earth, Paris
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Commander Jason Cross landed in Paris in just an hour. Which was slow due to traffic inbound clearance into Paris was terrible ever since the President of the Zuni dated Federation of Planets was murdered.

They landed in small port outside Paris for high ranking Starfleet Personnel. Jason wondered what kind of briefing he was about to step into.

“Lieutenant Cross, their is another shuttle down the way for you. Can’t miss it. SS Fortuna shuttle Yipper.”

Jason looked back as the doors to the shuttle closed. He walked done the flight line of some very high end shuttle craft park. Until he noticed his. It was a junker. A shuttle pod from the old Kirk days backed up against the side of the building and looking like it could only fit two people Inside.

Jason peeked his head into the small crew door opening. “Ah! Lieutenant Cross I presume. Have a seat!” The man moved over slightly as for Jason to make his way to the controls. Looking over at his pips on his collar Jason noticed the man was a Commodore, this was now very odd.

“Uh sir, the Fortuna, what exactly am I being assigned to?” Jason asked wondering if he was about to be XO to a space junk vessel.

“Your being assigned to the Fortuna as a Biologist Officer son.” The man could of been his dads age so son was fitting.

So he wasn’t going to the assist space junk hauler but the commander of space junk hauler. “The Fortuna. For heaven sakes who did I piss off in Starfleet?”

“All in good time son. I’ll explain everything on the Fortuna.”

He called flight control and they were off. The shuttle had a vibrant vibration on earth orbit that was unmistakably loud as if it had better days in space. The ship was an Daedalus Class one of the older versions not seen in a long time. It did sport a new paint job but everything screamed vintage Starfleet.

“She’s not much to look at but she is space worthy. Mainly she has been used for scientific missions but she’s been hauling medical waste from Andoria for the past year. There’s some stuff there that to humans is safe but can cause havoc to Andorian dna so thus we come and collect it.” The man clicked through the panel. And prepared to dock inside the Fortuna.

“Welcome to your home for the next ten years Jason.” They pulled up to the ship and docked.

Jason liked at the cramped bay and wondered why they were the only ship. “Let’s head to the conference room. I want to meet Lieutenant Blackwater.”

Jason grabbed his bag and they headed deeper into the ship. For the most part Jason was happy that the crew seemed not over worked and that it looked like easy ten years ahead. “Most Starships don’t have more than one biologist officer sir, I see Ensign Parks is already assigned to that position?” Jason was reviewing the PADD of the science department and the ship specs.

“In good time son, let’s keep going.”

After a labyrinth of turns and doors they arrived at the conference room. A captain presumably the Commanding officer was in there as well.

“Alright let’s begin, captain can you get the ship underway?” The commodore asked which Jason thought was very odd.

“Yes sir.” The captain tapped his Comm badge. =/\= Xo take us out, set course to Andoria.” =/\=

=/\=“Aye sir.=/\=

“All right. Jason this Captain Triss he will be your commanding officer while aboard the Fortuna. As for your position, you were requested for your background in biological matter as it relates to Andorians. This is what your Starfleet record will reflect. The Fortuna has been upgraded a science and medical vessel for supporting the Andorian mining and medical complex. Most to all the work will be ferrying supplies and scientific exploration in Federation Space. Not a whole lot of action, first contact, or even aggressive boughts.” The Commodore paused and there was a slight smirk from the Captain sitting across the table.

“Well gee sir, I’m pretty excited I guess to get started sir.” Jason seemed not so enthused. His search for space pirates seemed to be a lot better gig than this but not by much.

“Now as I said, this is what your Starfleet Record will reflect. The Fortuna is loaded with experienced Starfleet Officers all the to a Commodore. The actuality of the matter is you will not be on lard the Fortuna. You will be commanding the Resolute, a Defiant Class Refit São Paulo class. She’s state of the art and being built on an Andorian ice mining moon. Her mission will be whatever is given to you by me from Starfleet and Starfleet Intelligence. While everyone on the Resolute will be assigned to the Fortuna you will be able to manipulate what the name of your ship is and who is assigned to it. You will be working outside Federation space mostly and the missions will not be Starfleet Regulation or routine.”

Jason paused, he now was completely lost in the fact he was about to step into a highly classified life able to change who and what he was but also able to do the same with his crew.

“You’ll be receiving all your information and some crew info to your new Padd. These ones are a little special, top of the line encryption and facial recognition. We will send you your mission here soon but Starfleet is going to have you on a short leash at first. Get some rest Jason, we will be there in about a day in this rust bucket. Dismissed.”

Jason got up from the table and Saluted both officers. “Oh and here.” the Commodore slid a small wooden box across table. “You’ll be a Commander moving forward. If we see potential, Captain will be in your future. And Commander, a little piece of advice?”

The Commodore paused as to make sure Jason was paying attention for whatever news the man was holding onto. “You are the last line of defense for Starfleet and the Federation…the last defense.” Jason didn’t understand what he meant but he had heard it before in a different context at the Academy. His instructor said Intel was always a defense and that those who have died for it will never be known.

Jason left the room and went to find his guest quarters. Even though the ship was old the accommodations were just as he thought, at least now as Commander he gets his own room.

Commander Jason Cross
Commanding Officer
USS Resolute