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Fired or Hired?

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 10:25pm by
Edited on on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 9:20am

Mission: Prolouge - Arrival
Location: Battle Group 17 HQ
Timeline: Current

“Where’s that damn diplomat!?” The shout was heard throughout the Battle Group 17 HQ. “Somebody’s about to get fired.” ENS Jill ‘Silver’ Sommerfeld said lazily to the group of junior officers hanging out in the ‘JO jungle.’ “Ah shit!” LTJG Wender exclaimed, “I forgot I was supposed to escort Miss Aquila to her meeting today! Come on gents, you gotta cover for me!” Wender shot up from his chair and burst out the door.

It was a cloudy day with a light drizzle, and Wender forgot his blazer. “I thought this gig was supposed to be full of spies and intrigue, instead I’m stuck babysitting dignitaries who can’t find their way around a spaceport! And Admiral Wercheck has been riding my ass ever since I got here! ‘Get my coffee Slice. Where’s my mission reports Slice? Come to all these meetings you have no business being in with me in case I need a refill on my coffee Slice.’ You’d think he was grooming me for a command or some... Holy shit how could be so dumb?”

Tires screech and a 63’ Vette comes to a sliding stop in front of Wender, splashing his pant legs slightly. The driver window comes down and LT Jack ‘Fresh’ Free smirks, “Heard you needed a ride to the Marriot, hop in. Silver is distracting the Admiral with some red force disposition updates for the exercise. I’d say we got about 15 minutes.”
Wender climbed into the car and before he could close his door Fresh slammed his foot on the accelerator and they were off. As they pull up to the hotel, they see Miss Aquila standing out front wearing a beautiful blue skirt with a white umbrella. Fresh pulls the vette over and hops out, “You better treat her right, maybe give her a sponge
bath.” Fresh gives Slice a wink and heads into the hotel before he stops and thinks to himself, “I hope he realized I was talking about my car...”

Wender climbs over into the driver seat and pulls up to the front entrance. He stops the vette and climbs out as dignified as one in a soaked uniform can, greeting the beautiful brown curly haired lady with a friendly “Good morning Miss Aquila.” “Oh don’t be so formal pumpkin, but do care to explain why you’re so late?” She inquired flirtatiously. Not wanting to admit that he had forgotten about her, Wender simply smiles and claims, “It’s a long story.”

The drive was a quiet, awkward one. Wender never could pull himself together when it came to dealing with Audrey. In fact, she’s the one who earned him the nickname ‘Slice’ by referring to him as her ‘Pumpkin Pie’ of an escort during a press conference. When the JOPA laughingly asked if where they could get a “Slice,” Wender’s deep red reaction was all it took for the name to stick.

Once they arrived at the Admiral’s office, Wender was surprised to see several other flags standing around Admiral Wercheck’s desk. “Lieutenant Wender, making the flag staff wait on you for your new assignment is such poor taste.”

Lieutenant JG Rejoh Wender
Stafleet Intelligence Unassigned


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