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Peace at last

Posted on Tue Jan 5th, 2021 @ 6:33pm by Commander Jason Cross

Mission: Prolouge - Arrival
Location: Cabin somewhere in Canada north of the Arctic circle
Timeline: Current

(Ooc: here is a picture of the lodge to set the mood.


Lieutenant Commander Jason Cross sat on the porch of his single story cabin by the edge of the River. The snow gently fail across the valley, hitting the river and floating away, becoming part of the endless frozen line.

The front door of the cabin was open, the fire crackled from inside the living room. The only other sound was that of the water running by and a distant howl of a wolf. There was no engine noises, no beeps, no clicks, no swooshing of a door automatically. In fact his PADD was shut off and stowed in a bag under the bed. There was no way to be contacted.

The camp in itself was isolated. No roads to the cabin no airstrip near by. Jason solely made it their from a small boat. He also installed teleporter disruptors around the camp as well. The only way he was leaving was if Starfleet came and picked him up, which given that he didn’t have a ship he was assigned to and he had no pressing matter to attend. He would simply be forgotten about until end of the month.

Peace and quiet was all he needed.

The next day.

Jason could have ordered his breakfast already cooked but instead he ordered the ingredients, inefficient but he had all the time in the world.

He broke two eggs in a small cast iron and laid out 4 strips of bacon in the next cast iron. He always kept some wood inside the house to keep dry for the elements. He started the fire with ease and placed the pans on a small metal rack and sat back in his chair.

“Good fresh bacon.” He thought to himself as the bacon in cast iron sizzled.

He pulled the bacon and eggs off the fire and sat a small table his grandfather made. It was from a tree outback that he had cut down before Jason was born. Jason was the only one in the family that still came to the cabin his grandfather built. Everything from the couch to the bed, and even the table was built by him and or sowed by his grandmother.

Jason finished his breakfast and went outside to cut his daily use of firewood from a couple of trees in the back.

The river was the only sound he needed. It’s meditated rumble over the rocks provided a rhythmic beat to follow too between swings and chops. The quietness of river and splitting of the wood was broken by the faint sound of an approaching shuttlecraft.

It flew over the cabin and landed in a small clearing south of the house by the river and powered down.

“What the hell?” Jason thought as he he got up from his chair and looked through the back clearing.

The shuttle craft landed a small door came down in the back. A man came out in Starfleet regulation dark shouldered man came out. He walked toward the cabin in a brisk pace.

“Lieutenant Commander Cross?” He asked staring at Jason.

“Yes and why?” Jordan asked wondering why a captain for Starfleet Intelligence was at his porch 300 miles from a city.

“ My orders are to bring you to Paris to brief you.” The man said.

“How the hell did you find me.” Jason said looking at him and leaning up against the post.

“We’re Starfleet Intelligence son. I tried to beam in but you put locks a mile out. Not much good for me I don’t like snow. So I flew in. “.

Jason knew that his short lived quietness would come to end soon but who was he to argue orders. “Paris, why Paris, I usually report to SF in San Francisco, my orders are the Fortuna as the Science officer this time.”

“All will be explained but yes the Fortuna is where you are going.” He took his hand and made a quote mark around the word Fortuna. “I know some things but not all. Like I know you got a bag packed ready to go so come on.”

He was right. Luckily all Jason had was a pack of some comfortable clothes, a padd, and some old books. His uniforms were never taken home and food can be replicated at the cabin, this was the future now.

Jason grabbed his bag and walked toward the shuttlecraft “I need time to board it up. Bears!”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll assign some ensigns that hang around the coffee pot to come out and do it. I have a lieutenant that hasn’t left the office is a year he’d love to make them miserable. Now come on.”

They boarded the shuttlecraft. Jason watched out the window a his little cabin became smaller and smaller and until it was surrounded by nothing but white from the snow.

“Paris?” He thought. Why there of all places as he is never called there. It’s the home of the United Federation of Planets sure and a Starfleet Intel farm but nothing else more.

Lieutenant Commander Jason Cross
Unassigned - Starfleet Intelligence


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