Training Sim 1

Posted on Thu Dec 31st, 2020 @ 6:37pm by Commander Jason Cross

Mission: All Else Fails
Location: Deep Space 6
Timeline: Current

[IC/Ten Forward]

Commander Jason Cross sat at the small table near the window of of the ten forward on the U.S.S. Oslo. It was a training sim, for officers that was uniquely different. It was really a link of about 20 or so holodecks networked to create a ship that allowed new officers to train for different scenarios without putting them on real ships. Jason had been in his holodeck for going on two months now, nearing the end gave him more satisfaction that he would be leaving this prison.

He sipped at the whiskey, knowing that the holodeck had rules that prevented him from becoming intoxicated he liked to think he would. Its amazing how holodecks work, all so real but not quite. It's probably why so many people go insane from Holodeck romance.

Then Darkness, the ten forward suddenly went black, only lit from the faint gas giant off the port side. Jason tapped his COMM badge...nothing. Not even a beep.

A few others in the lounge go up. "Are we under attack?" one ensign yelled. "There is a no red alert, we can't be." said a Sgt firing back at the newly ranked Ensign.

Jason got up from his seat."Everyone stay calm. It could be a red alert we were not warned about. We can still be under attack and this part of it. We need to head to our stations." Jason assuming in darkness he was the highest ranking member started heading for the door.

"Ensign get it open." Jason looked over to the panel, it was blank.

"Door is jammed sir, panel is out and its sealed." There was now two Ensigns working on the door but it didn't budge.

"Can we get the panel off and work on the wiring?" Jason asked to anyone that knew how to do it.

"Not without PADD sir, we cross the wrong wire and we could seal us in for good. It would pressure lock and only the engineers could be able to get us out.

"Lets work on getting coms up. Their should be module by the bar, old school for situations like this."

Jason walked over to the ten forward bar and found an odd looking panel that had a flip cover on it. 'Bridge Comms'. Jason typed in his crew ID code and waited. It beeped, and some more.

"Bridge, what?" They yelled through the COMM.

"This is Commander Cross we are locked in Ten Forward about 6 of us. Status Report?" He kept it quick, the more Poer they used the more it could drain faster.

"Power is out in decks 3-15. No one knows why. The warp core might have hiccuped and caused a power outage still conforming. We will have a team to come get the doors open when we can. Bridge out." She read it as if it was a script for a 21st century phone caller.

Jason grabbed 6 shot glasses from behind the bar and pulled up a bottle of Russian 2020 Vodka. Drinks anyone.


Commander Jason Cross
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