The Sim

Welcome to the USS Resolute, a refined and modified defiant class starship designed prototype for Starfleet Intelligence missions. Its crew is cross trained in Starfleet Intelligence and come from all academia across Starfleet operations.

It boast 6 phaser blasters, which was upgraded for 4, and two phaser array in front and and aft. All phasers can be fired at the same time due to the upgraded power cells that can run tactical with less energy to spare to the shields as well.

The cloaking technology is not the same as the USS Defiant counterpart from the Romulans. Starfleet has installed a Vanish system, capable of mirroring surrounding attributes and covering the impulse tracks as well.

Crew quarters are humble as well with officers from Ensigns to Command in private quarters. Enlisted crew share very upgraded quarters as well compared to their counterparts in main fleet.