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Commander Jason Cross

Name Jason L. Cross

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Astronomical Anomalies

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jason is not your average looking clean cut Officer of Starfleet. He has spent most of his time in a civilian setting requiring him to blend him. This would include a scruffy beard and manners of a half broken house dog.


Spouse No Records Found
Children No Records Found
Father Allen Cross - {Retired}Major, Starfleet Marine Corps by // 54th Recon Marines
Mother Abigail Cross - {Retired}Lieutenant, Starfleet Medical // U.S.S. Jupiter
Brother(s) Jack Cross {Deceased} Sergeant Major, Starfleet Marine Corps // 8th Infantry
Sister(s) No Records Found
Other Family On mother’s side

Personality & Traits

General Overview While born a quarter Vulcan, Jason took stronger mentally to his Vulcan intelligence. This was is part to strict studies on Vulcan for a majority of his life before heading back to Earth in College years before heading off to Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical
+ Confident
+ Patient
- Overconfidence can lead to brash decisions.
-Feelings can still cloud Judgement
Ambitions To command a ship is not as ambitious as one would think. For Jason it would be finding a quiet place to put it all up and retire.
Hobbies & Interests *Holonovels

Personal History His parents lived on Vulcan with his grandparents. Jordan’s grandmother was Vulcan, and his grandfather was human. Jordan’s dad was half human, half Vulcan, with his mother being full human. Jordan however was only a quarter Vulcan. His ears were not that pointy but he was smart. Mathematics and science from the Vulcan side passed on to him along with his fathers physical ability from being in Starfleet Marines for 40 years.

The academy was a traditional 4 year structure for him. He trained in astronomical anomalies with a minor in microbiology. While he was smart, he didn’t flaunt it. Starfleet saw note of this but his peers did not as they assumed he was just passing the minimum standard.

It was in his last 6 months he was transferred to French country side. While he assumed he was being transferred to the French office of lonely Starfleet personnel scrubbing spacial anomalies he was wrong.

It was in fact in every since a a farm on the outside. But underground it was a labyrinth of offices and training facilities designed to train Starfleets Intelligence force and Jordan was perfect for it.

The last 6 months of the academy were spent learning all the ins and outs of integration and spy work. Jordan who, with a science background found that intelligence and science went hand in hand. The 10 students in his class, only one applied for intelligence.

As his instructor said “those of you that are here it’s because you didn’t choose to be here. You were selected due to your abilities outside of intelligence, you are all bright but not that bright, this all means you can blend in anywhere in Starfleet. You will be the deciding factor in battles, life, and death.”

For Jordan it meant serving Starfleet without-all the pomp and pageantry. The first day of class it was said for the work they do in the shadows does not get medals or books written. There was no promotions to a Captain for heroic valor. Their was only the since of pride they carried when they would look into the stars and know they made a difference. Not all people could handle this life. This is why every recruit at the farm was hand selected over a 4 year study of them at the academy.
Service Record [2490 - Present] - Commander / / USS RESOLUTE NCC-99799

[2488 -2490] - Lieutenant / / DEEP SPACE 5, Border Operations Post

[2487 - 2488] - Lieutenant Junior Grade / / USS Merlin NCC-88392

[2485 - 2487] - Ensign / / USS DEEP SPACE 2

[2484 - 2485] - Cadet Year 4. / / Science Studies, Starfleet Academy, Earth
[2483 - 2484] - Cadet Year 3. / / Science Studies, Starfleet Academy, Earth
[2482 - 2483] - Cadet Year 2. / / Science Studies, Starfleet Academy, Earth
[2481 - 2482] - Cadet Year 1 / / Science Studies, Starfleet Academy, Earth